About the Show

This podcast is about laying down differences and finding new ways to understand each other. In these deeply personal conversations, Emily and David talk about their ways of seeing the world, and why they often disagree. As the episodes unfold, suspicion gives way to a growing friendship, as listeners glimpse the difficulties and rewards that come when we put our divides aside.



Emily Graslie is a professional science communicator, and has been publicly celebrating the natural world for the last seven years. Historically she has been interested in exploring the intersections between art and science, and the in the relationship between non-scientists and science literacy. Most recently, Emily was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Chicago March for Science.



David Dault is the executive producer and host of Things Not Seen: Conversations about Culture and Faith, an award-winning radio show and podcast. David spent a number of years as a professor of religion and Catholic studies, and he is the authorized biographer of the acclaimed Old Testament theologian, Walter Brueggemann. When he moved to Chicago, he and his family became huge fans of Emily's show.