A Message from Emily and David

We want to thank everyone who listened to Divides Aside and especially the many, many folks who sent us encouragement and feedback. We started these conversations because we believed they were important and needed. We still do. 

Unfortunately, there are professional commitments that have made it difficult to produce the show with the regularity we'd have liked. Busy schedules have gotten busier - which is great, because it means the other projects we are working on have been a success. 

We both agree that this is a conversation that needs time and care to do it "right," and we want to do it right. At present, and for the foreseeable future, that time is not available.

So we are sad to report that we have decided to suspend production of Divides Aside.

We hope to be able to return to this conversation someday. In the meantime, we hope that you will find ways to continue it yourselves, and that you will also find ways to share your conversations with others.

You have placed a lot of trust in us these past few months, and we are so grateful. Thank you again. 

- Emily and David